I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia in a hundred-year-old house and currently live in Columbus, Ohio where I study Folklore and Literature at the Ohio State University. In between, I’ve lived in Philadelphia, where I graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Pennsylvania; Oxford, England where I studied at Oxford University: Mansfield College; and Fairfax, Virginia where I earned my MA in Interdisciplinary Studies: Folklore from George Mason University. I’ve also spent time in Ireland at the National University of Ireland, Galway and in Trujillo, Peru.

Fairy tales and the fantastic have captivated me all my life, providing inspiration for my academic and creative work. I’m fascinated by the ways that stories adapt and evolve over time while still maintaining continuity with the past and provoking a sense of wonder for our present. I also love speculative fiction that blurs the edges of genre, 19th-century literature, disability theory, supernatural folklore, feminist theory, Shakespeare, Gothic literature, YA fantasy, ballads, Jane Austen, anime, and queer theory- and am delighted when any of these categories overlap!

My friend and colleague Brittany Warman summed me up far more effectively with a shorter bio, which I will leave here: “Sara’s pretty cool. She’s like a fairy-tale vampire bird who loves coffee and hates mornings. She’s a fancy PhD student who studies folklore and literature and stuff. She also writes pretty things.”

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